Climate and Weather

Four seasons in Santa Claus Indiana

Spring (March – May)

Spring brings our most varied temperatures. March can see highs between 40⁰ and 65⁰ and lows between 20⁰ and 40⁰. April warms up but continues to vary with highs between low 60⁰s and upper 70⁰s. May offers more consistency with highs generally in the 70⁰s and lows in the 50⁰s to 60⁰s.

Summer (June – August)

Summer brings in the warmth, with June’s high temperatures generally in the 80⁰’s and lows in the 60⁰’s. July takes it up a notch with highs in the mid to upper 80⁰s and lows generally in the upper 60⁰’s. In August, we see a few days in the 90⁰’s, but generally high 80⁰s, while lows remain in the 60⁰s. Resting in the Ohio Valley, humidity can often play a role in creating a heat index, which makes the air temperatures feel several degrees warmer, but you can cool off at Splashin’ Safari or with a frozen hot chocolate from Santa’s Candy Castle.

Fall (September – November)

September remains warm, with highs in the 80⁰s and occasional dips into the 70⁰s, lows start out in the 60⁰s, but falls into the 50⁰s by the end of the month. October begins with highs in the 70⁰s, but sees the cooler 60⁰s by the middle of the month, lows range from 40⁰ to 55⁰. November fluctuates quite a bit, with highs starting out in the 60⁰’s, but the 40⁰’s by the end of the month. Lows can range from 30⁰ to 40⁰.

Winter (December – February)

December sees high temperatures range from the high 30⁰’s to the low 50⁰’s, while lows can range from 20⁰ to 35⁰. January can see a lot of fluctuation with highs anywhere from 35⁰ to 55⁰ and lows from 20⁰ to 40⁰. February is still cold, with highs from the 10⁰’s to 30⁰’s and lows 5⁰ to 20⁰. Be prepared for wind chill factors to make the 20’s feel like 10’s, but you can pick up a hot chocolate at Brick Oven Pizza.

Best To Be Prepared:

Rain and thunderstorms are always a possibility during the spring, summer or fall, so plan to bring your umbrella & raincoat just in case. Winter calls for heavier coats and gloves. Check your favorite weather forecasting website for your vacation dates.