Happy National Postcard Week

In a world where so many people are absorbed by texting, posting, liking, sharing, and pinning, it seems safe to say everyone’s heart warms up a little when they open their mailbox and find a letter, card, or postcard.

For National Postcard Week, we challenge you to go pick out and send a thoughtful, handwritten postcard to someone you care about. Whether you are seven, seventeen, or eighty-seven years old, it’s sure to make someone smile.

If you’re a local, you could pick one up for a friend and describe your favorite ride at  Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. If you’re here on vacation, share the memories made with a loved one back home! Maybe it’s horseback riding at Santa’s Stables or the history at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. The best part about a postcard is the story it tells and the love it shares.

Let’s not allow postcard communication to become a lost art. There are several local places where you can find interesting postcards to share.

Shop for Local Postcards:

Find out the hours of operations for the places listed above here.

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