Honesty Above All

When one thinks of a way to describe America’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, the adjective “honest” often comes to mind. Mr. Lincoln is known as “Honest Abe.” He was consistently recognized for being an ethical man who was frequently asked to act as a judge or mediator because of his impartiality.

According to stories, when Abraham was working as a store clerk he mistakenly shortchanged a customer. Once the store closed that evening, Abe walked three miles to give the man mere pennies in order to make it right.

By the time Abraham Lincoln took the presidency he had been quoted saying things like “I have never tried to conceal my opinions, nor tried to deceive anyone in reference to them.” Everyone from clients or opponents during his legal work to political rivals and even his generals knew where he stood. Mr. Lincoln was known to be straightforward, and above all, honest.

Mr. Lincoln spent 14 years in Indiana. It was during those years that a young Abe Lincoln was introduced to the concepts of freedom, justice, and the law. Here, Abraham learned the values and morals that molded one of America’s greatest presidents.

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