Hoosier Land Pizza & Wings

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating (Based on 23 reviews)
3804 State Route 162 Lincoln City, IN 47552

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(812) 937-2799

A great place to enjoy hot pizza, tasty wings, and more.

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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Based on 23 reviews

Not worth it

1 Reviewed 08-05-18

Considering your food choices I would choose Subway or drive to another town. We went Friday night only because we were starving. The restaurant was dirty so I can only imagine what the kitchen... Read More

Terrible, but all there is

2 Reviewed 08-03-18

Restaurant is only one in the area. Pizza was mediocre, burger was too. Insane amount of flies in restaurant, felt like I was constantly fighting them for my food. Read More

No thank you

2 Reviewed 06-13-18

When we pulled in the lot we weren't sure we would stay. It looked like a hole in the wall place. When we walked in I wanted to turn around and walk out. There was a huge table of people and one... Read More

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