10 Reasons You Need To Go Camping This Summer

10 reasons to go camping this summer- lincoln state park- cabin

When was the last time you slept under the stars or made s’mores around a crackling campfire? This area is known for its variety of campgrounds and outdoor recreational activities, including the scenic, historical Lincoln State Park and the enormous Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort.

Whether it’s doing it the old-fashioned way in a tent, in a brand new 50-foot RV, or renting one of our adorable, modern cabins, here are 10 reasons you need to get outdoors this summer:

  1. Unplug. Although the internet can be a wonderful and thrilling place, you’ll realize that you can, in fact, live without it. And we’ll be the first to admit that our smartphones have saved us in many situations—especially from getting lost or avoiding awkward conversations–sometimes, however, it is amazing to just turn off your phone and live in the moment.
  2. Appreciate Mother Nature at her finest. Camping is about as close as you can get to some of the most beautiful places on earth. You’ll be immersed in diverse wildlife, thriving forests, countless stars, breath-taking sunsets, and invigorating sunrises. Depending on where you are from, you may not get to enjoy the sight of the stars and when they’re fully visible, it’s a sight that never gets old. Christmas Cabin at LAR
  3. Spend quality time with the people who matter the most. If living in a tent or a cramped camper with your whole family for a week doesn’t bring you closer together, I don’t know
    what will. By eliminating distractions like electronics, jobs, chores, bills, and other interruptions, you will be able to focus your undivided time and attention where it matters the most: with your family, reconnecting, and making lifelong memories.
  4. Center yourself. Take a break from your worries, stress, and the hustle-bustle pace of life. Camping is about enjoying the little things and is the perfect place to inhale the good and exhale the bad. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.
  5. Bring your fur babies along. Camping is a vacation for the entire family, including the four-legged ones. Although you should always double check with the campgrounds you’re visiting, most campgrounds happily welcome dogs. Both Lincoln State Park and Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort welcome pets when camping in tents or personal RVs as long as they are leashed at all times.
  6. Save money. We all know money doesn’t grow on trees (unfortunately), but that doesn’t mean a family vacation is out of the question this summer. Camping is one of the most budget-friendly trips you can go on. Affordable camping gear can be purchased or rented nearly anywhere and campground fees are minimal. Moreover, most campgrounds have grills at every campsite so you can cook your own meals with groceries from home.Lincoln-Boyhood-National-Memorial-Spring (4)
  7. Reset your internal clock. Did you know that when you expose yourself to only natural light, your internal clock resets itself to rise with the sun and to sleep shortly after sunset? We actually tend to sleep better when we set our sleep cycles with those of the sun. It’s not uncommon to experience a better sleep cycle even after returning home from camping.
  8. Relax or hit the trails. Camping is only as intense as you want it to be. It can be anywhere from a few
    days of doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing or a few days jam-packed with
    hiking, biking, and kayaking. You get to decide.
  9. Flame kiss your food. Yep, it’s true. Burgers, grilled hotdogs, creek fries, fresh fruit, roasted veggies, and especially s’mores all taste better in the great outdoors. And don’t worry; you’re most likely burning more calories than usual, so going for a second (or third) round of s’mores is completely acceptable.
  10. Have fun! Do you need any other reason? We’re sure you’ll have some great stories to tell when you get back to work.

Now that you’re motivated to plan your next camping trip, make sure to check out our guide to a Lincoln State Park Weekend Getaway and 5 Camping Tips to make the most of your trip.

This blog post has been updated from May 2016.

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