5 Ways to Lessen Your Stress

Stress Awareness Month

Fact: The stress level of most Americans has increased for the first time in 10 years, according to the American Psychological Association. Now, before you get more stressed just thinking about that little tidbit, continue reading…

Fact: April is Stress Awareness month! The idea behind this month is for everyone to join forces to increase awareness about the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. Now, we’re not health care professionals… but as travel professionals, we still think we have a good idea of what some tried-and-true stress cures are.

You simply can’t pour from an empty cup, you have to take care of yourself. So in honor of Stress Awareness Month, we’ve compiled a list of stress-reducing things you can do:

Take a 

It’s true — vacationers experience fewer stress-related complaints like headaches and backaches. Even if you just set aside some time for a budget-friendly day trip or a short weekend getaway, your body will thank you. And your job will thank you, too, considering you’ll return more energized and focused after a little time off.

Get some fresh air.

Sunshine and fresh air are non-debatable mood boosters. There are plenty of great outdoor things to do in our neck of the woods, including hiking at Lincoln State Park, dancing the night away at a Lincoln Amphitheatre concert, and more! For a complete list of outdoor recreation, click here.

Catch up with friends and family over lunch.

Skip cooking (and the mess that comes with it) and make plans to catch up with old friends at a great lunch spot. Reconnecting over good food can really soothe the soul — after all, “stressed” spelled backward is “desserts.” For browse local dining options, click here .

Sip some wine.

The positive effects of moderate wine consumption have been studied for years, including claims of reduced risk of depression and anti-aging. If there’s a chance sipping some wine can improve our moods plus help prevent those pesky wrinkles, well, you don’t have to tell us twice. Enjoy one (or both!) of our local wineries, Pepper’s Ridge Winery, and Monkey Hollow Winery and Distillery. Both are situated on quiet county roads and offer outdoor seating, meaning you can reap the benefits of wine and fresh air – double the stress reducer!

Have fun.

It sounds simple, but so many people these days are neglecting setting aside time to do the things that make them the happiest. The good news is, fun is our specialty. Whether it’s taking a relaxing horseback ride on quaint, country trails or getting your adrenaline fix on a wild rollercoaster ride (scream your stress away!), this area offers a variety of things to do that are bound to remind you what fun is.

Now that you have the recipe for reducing your stress, it’s up to you to cook up the result! Here are some more trip ideas to help inspire your next mood-boosting getaway. Taking the steps to actually plan a trip and having something to look forward to can do wonders for your mood alone – now imagine what it can do for you when you actually arrive!

his blog post has been updated from April 2017.

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