Family-Friendly Fun Under the Stars

Scenes from Holiday Drive-In Movie Theater

Drive-in movie theaters are becoming a rare sight across the country. Currently, only about 300 remain in operation. Yet, with social distancing guidelines a part of everyday life now, these throwback establishments are being rediscovered by those looking for safe, family-friendly summer entertainment. 

And that’s why this area is so lucky to have the Holiday Drive-In Movie Theater! 

A Look Back

The first drive-in movie in the country was screened in 1921 in Texas. Cars piled in bumper-to-bumper, and a new American pastime was born! 

By the 50’s, drive-in culture was in the heyday of its popularity. Enter Holiday Drive-In! Opened in 1955, the theater debuted with a single screen. Over the years, additional screens have been added (they now have six but are temporarily operating at a reduced capacity), and the drive-in upgraded to digital projection in 2016. 

Time-Tested Family Fun 

What is it about drive-in movie theatres that appeal to families after all this time? 

Perhaps it’s the value; at Holiday Drive-In, you can enjoy a nightly double feature for one low price. Maybe it’s because a drive-in movie is an activity that every single member of the family can enjoy—kids, grandparents, even well-behaved family pets are invited to enjoy a movie under the stars. 

Some people love these movies for their snacking potential. Holiday Drive-In offers a selection of snacks at the concessions stands, but you can also bring your own favorite treats from home. 

Or maybe families just enjoy being part of a tradition that has stood the test of time! 

A Slightly Different Movie-Going Experience 

Visits to Holiday Drive-In may look a little bit different this season. To protect both movie-goers and employees, the drive-in has instituted a few new policies: 

  • Only the front concession stand will be open, and no more than 10 people will be allowed inside the building at one time to ensure proper social distancing. 
  • Restrooms will be open and sectioned off to display six-feet distances. 
  • Guests are still allowed to watch movies from outside their cars but are asked to sit directly in front of the vehicle to remain distanced from other guests. 

65 Years and Going Strong 

The Holiday Drive-In Movie Theater has been a popular spot for both locals and visitors since it first opened. Now in its 65th season, the theater is excited to welcome guests back at a time when safe, family-friendly entertainment options are more important than ever. 

Enjoy the show! 
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