Our Favorite Features at Lincoln State Park

Lincoln State Park

Two hundred years ago, a boy named Abe Lincoln worked, played, and learned among the woods that are now designated as Lincoln State Park. Much is known about Lincoln’s political career, but knowledge of his childhood home is less common.

Luckily, the area that helped form one of the nation’s most influential presidents is preserved and awaiting your visit. There is so much to love about Lincoln State Park, so we rounded up our favorites.

Features at Lincoln State Park: 

  • Recreational fishermen love fishing for many more reasons than the sport. It’s about patience, relaxation, and spending time with yourself or loved ones. That’s why we love fishing at Lincoln State Park. The views are stunning and the park’s connection to Abraham Lincoln make it a unique experience.
  • Aside from fishing, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Lake Lincoln. Catch some rays, relax on the beach, and cool off with a swim in the lake. We especially love taking advantage of the boat rentals. It’s so easy and always a fun experience!
  • There are over 10 miles of hiking trails inside the park. The loop around Lake Lincoln is a favorite around our office. Make sure you trek all the way to the top of the fire tower for a truly spectacular view. Fire Tower View
  • Lincoln Amphitheatre might be the rarest feature of the park. The unique outdoor venue welcomes nationally touring acts and has featured plays about Lincoln’s life.
  • What’s a park without plenty of picnic areas? There are endless places to picnic throughout the park, but we especially love the covered shelter overlooking Lake Lincoln.
  • Experience hands-on learning at the Nature Center inside the park. You might learn something, new, too! Nature Center
  • Events at Lincoln State Park vary from competitive races to historical hikes through Abe’s old neighborhood. Check out upcoming events to find the one that suits your interests.

These are just a few of our favorite features. Discover all of them and more when you stay inside Lincoln State Park.

If you’re interested in learning more about Abe, visit other historical sights and landmarks.


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