Four Fun Farm Facts

Each summer, families make it a point to stop at the Living Historical Farm at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial where the workday runs at a slower pace.  A nostalgic look back at time past, where “old-fashioned” is the fashion.

Here are four fun farm facts:

  1. The Living Historical Farm is a recreated 1820s pioneer homestead where reenactors (dressed in period clothing!) perform chores similar to the Lincoln’s. Watch live demonstrations from days gone by including wool spinning and log splitting. 
  2. The cabin and outbuildings were moved from elsewhere in Indiana and were reassembled at the park. They rest on four of the original 160 acres once owned by Thomas Lincoln, Abe’s father.
  3. Ranger Bob has informed and entertained visitors for over 21 years. His presentations make for special memories that keep families returning year after year.
  4. Step into history! Wander along the split-rail fences on the paths Lincoln walked and catch a glimpse of what life was like in the 1800s.

Learn more about the Living Historical Farm during your visit Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.

This post has been updated from January 2015.

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