Goats in the White House?

living historical farm

Many kids today want to experience the fun of having a puppy or a kitten; some even want to care for fish.

Did you know Abe Lincoln’s sons, Tad and Willie, had GOATS (among many other animals)?

Their names were Nanny and Nanko and the boys would often play with them on the lawn, in the East Room, and Nanny even slept in Tad’s bed.

On this day in 1863, while his wife was vacationing, President Lincoln wrote Mary a telegram letting her know that Nanny was lost. He hadn’t seen her for two days and was distressed about losing a pet he and his sons were so fond of.

The next time you see the White House on television, just imagine, 150 years ago Nanny and Nanko were roaming the halls!

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