The Greens are Waiting

With a beautiful public course in our area, a favorite pastime of many locals is playing at Christmas Lake Golf Course.

Now, I’m no pro or anything, but I have managed to hit the ball off of the tee a few times when I’ve visited the driving range.  That’s a huge improvement considering I’m usually left starring off into the green, waiting for the ball to masterfully plummet from the sky, only to find it never left the tee.

I have a lot of friends who are avid players and they have a pretty vast knowledge of the sport. They know fascinating things like that the first golf balls were made of wood back in the fourteenth century or that America’s first 18-hole course was built on a sheep farm. Pretty cool stuff!


What makes Christmas Lake Golf Course in Santa Claus, Indiana, interesting?

Here are four fun facts about this prime golf course:

  1. Christmas Lake Golf Course was designed in 1967 by renowned golf course architect, Edmund Ault.
  2. Indiana Business Magazine once ranked it as the 7th most challenging golf courses in Indiana.
  3. A unique scramble called “The Nightmare before Christmas” is played during the Christmas season, even with chilly temps and snow on the ground!
  4. This desired vacation pick has been listed as one the nation’s 75 best public golf courses by Golf Digest.
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