Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

happy birthday mr lincoln
“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Abraham Lincoln, happy birthday to you!” 

On this day in 1809, Abe Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Seven years later, he moved to Indiana.

It was here where a young Abe grew into the 21-year-old man who moved to Illinois. It was here, in Indiana, where Abe learned to read, became interested in the law, and unfortunately lost his mother to milk sickness.  

Guests can walk the very grounds Mr. Lincoln walked as a boy and a young man. A state park, a national park, a museum, and several historic spots are dedicated to the time Lincoln’s family spent in what is now Spencer County, Indiana.  

Visitors can explore the Living Historical Farm at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial to see how the Lincoln family lived 200 years ago. The gravesite of Abe’s mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, can be viewed just a short walk from the visitors center.

Inside Lincoln State Park, watch the story of Lincoln come to life onstage at Lincoln Amphitheatre. Also in the state park, visitors can learn about wildlife from the time the Lincolns lived here at the Nature Center. 

Just down the road, families can see a hutch believed to have been made by Abraham Lincoln with the help of his father, Thomas, at the Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum. This site also features 13 Lincoln-era replica cabins from Spencer County.

Along the Ohio River Scenic Byway, stop by sites such as the Lincoln Landing. This is where Abe launched a flatboat to transport produce to New Orleans and first witnessed a slavery auction, helping shape his anti-slavery views. 

Today is a day to celebrate a great man who once called Indiana his home.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln!

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