Is that Abe Lincoln?!

Charlie_Lincoln_Beard_4If you’re down in Rockport, Indiana, and see someone who looks like Abraham Lincoln strolling around town, don’t worry, you’re not seeing a ghost. Instead, this Lincoln look-alike is none other than Charlie Finecy, Executive Director of the Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum.

Recently, Charlie grew out his hair to resemble the famous 16th President in an effort to promote the legacy of Lincoln in the Spencer County area and, of course, at the Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum. Charlie has also taken the extra step to color and perm his hair in order to get that special “Lincoln look.”

Charlie_Lincoln_Beard_2As a fun idea that originally started off on a whim, Charlie’s appearance has now led him to speak at local schools about Abraham Lincoln and gear everyone up for Lincoln’s birthday this Saturday, on February 12th.

Charlie is a long-time Lincoln Historian and even served as the Spencer County Historian at the age of eighteen. “I have always had a very strong interest in Abraham Lincoln,” says Charlie. “Even at the young age of 13, I was volunteering my summers at the Lincoln Boyhood Living Historical Farm.”

Besides constantly being told that he now looks like the famous president, Charlie says the number one other question he gets is: “Where’s the top hat?” Smile While he does not wear it all the time, Charlie does have the top hat and even admits that he has stored items (such as his bowtie) in it to keep from losing things, much like Abe did.

So this Spring, check out the Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum to see Honest Abe… I mean Charlie Finecy… for a fun and interesting look back into the pioneer days of the 1800s.

And don’t forget, this coming Saturday, February 12th, is Lincoln’s Birthday! How do you think Charlie is going to celebrate?!

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