Locust Hill Motel near Owensboro, Kentucky Locust Hill Motel near Owensboro, Kentucky

Locust Hill Motel

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating (Based on 3 reviews)
815 South State Road 161 Rockport, IN 47635

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(812) 649-9918
Locust Hill Motel

A quiet motel located on Highway 161 near Owensboro, Kentucky.

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Based on 3 reviews

Best hotel in the area by far for the$$

4 Reviewed 08-11-16

Staff was very nice and courteous! Fun place! Stayed at other places in and around the area...Locust Hill Motel has the best rates....Locust Hill the best bang for the buck in and around... Read More

More like roach motel

1 Reviewed 01-05-16

My husband stayed one night in this hotel to wake up with a cockroach on him in the middle of the night. Found 3 more in the room. When the owners came to the room she pulled a sticky trap from... Read More

Good place if your in need of an extended stay with a tight budget.

3 Reviewed 07-15-13

we stayed there and we enjoyed it but its only for couples who don't have a lot of money to stay at the other hotels. But the staff were very helpful and hard at work every day cleaning our room we... Read More

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