Nature Photography Day

Local Santa's Stables Trail

The Santa Claus area and sites throughout Lincoln’s Indiana Boyhood Home provide a rural haven surrounded by scenic back roads, peaceful views, airy open fields, and thriving forests that sprawl for miles.  Not to mention, our little corner of the world is fortunate enough to enjoy this beautiful countryside in all four seasons of the year.

This is a unique destination where you can celebrate the joy of Christmas and walk in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln and his pioneer family, all while staying close to nature. In honor of Nature Photography Day, here is a compilation of some of our best shots from throughout the area, progressing from spring to winter:

The historic Saint Meinrad Archabbey during the full-bloom of spring:

Saint Meinrad Archabbey

It’s not uncommon to pass by large, open fields blanketed in vibrant wildflowers:

Santa Claus Wild Flowers

A quaint spot inside Lincoln State Park overlooking Lake Lincoln:

The leaves were just beginning to turn at Lake Rudolph, one of the most beautiful times of the year:


Scenic train tracks skirted in fresh autumn leaves:

Lincoln-Boyhood-National-Memorial - Fall (19)

The horses relaxing in the perfect, breezy mid-fall weather:

A stunning sunset not too long before the winter seasons’ first snowfall:


Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is just as awe-inspiring even when covered in a fresh snow:


A gorgeous mid-winter snow encompasses the historic Santa statue at the Santa Claus Museum & Village:










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