November Getaway

November Getaway

November is a great time for a weekend getaway before the hectic holiday season sets in. Take an opportunity to spend time with family and friends before traffic and crowds rule the weekends. Maybe even sneak in some early Christmas shopping.


You don’t have to wait until Christmas to visit with Santa around here. Come visit him at the Santa Claus Christmas Store. It’s always best to let him know what you want early so he can tell the elves to get busy. Mrs. Claus has been baking fudge, so you may want to pick some up on the way out.

Want to write a letter to the jolly fellow with a list of your Christmas wishes and reasons you’re thankful? Stop in the Santa Claus Museum & Village; you can write a letter while sitting in the town’s original post office. No middle-man here, letters to Santa go directly to him without delay. Get them in early and he’ll have time to reply santas-toys-2016-4 before the sleigh takes off Christmas Eve.

Need toy ideas? Santa’s TOYS is here to help. They offer over 2,800 toys and there’s something for everyone. They welcome the touchy-feely type, so have fun with the
many demos available throughout the store. We’d suggest picking up a fun family game for making special memories you’ll laugh about for years.

Now that there’s plenty to do, you need a place to stay. Click here for all your lodging options.

To see what’s open and when, check out the November Monthly Hours.

See you soon!

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