Pass the Torch

Torch Bearer

On Saturday, September 10, you can witness part of a historic journey. As a 2016 Signature Event, the 92-County Torch Relay “is designed to inspire and unify Hoosiers as one of the major commemorative events of the 2016 Bicentennial celebration. Hoosiers will also symbolically “pass the torch” connecting generations to IGNITE our future.”

Residents of Spencer County were nominated late last year and are now preparing to step into their uniforms and hold the torch high during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Click here for information about the route through Spencer County, the 19 torchbearers, and what portion of the route they will be carrying the torch.

It’s a great opportunity to show your Hoosier pride as the relay passes through Spencer County.

Click here for other Bicentennial events happening September 9 – 10, 1016.

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