5 Questions: Santa’s TOYS

Kids enjoying Santa's TOYS toy store

When you mention Santa Claus (the jolly old elf), one of the first things that comes to mind for young and old is toys. And in Santa Claus (the town), there’s a place where a love of toys and commitment to learning through play is thriving! 

Santa’s TOYS is a must-stop shop on many visitors’ itineraries. With thousands of specialty toys, including STEM products, the store boasts a selection that Santa himself would be proud of. 

If you’ve never visited Santa’s TOYS, owner Mark Schmidt and his staff are ready to welcome guests of all ages to this wonderland where play, learning, and joy are always in stock!    

5 Questions with Mark Schmidt

1. What inspired you to open a toy store? 

As a family, we wanted more time together. My job kept me away from home six months of the year, on and off. This allowed more control over family time. 

2. What’s your favorite reaction from visitors (kids and/or grown-ups) when they walk into Santa’s TOYS for the first time? 

When visitors walk in and see the Christmas theme and toys they probably haven’t ever seen anywhere else, the reaction is priceless. Our favorite reaction is when a little one giggles with joy… if only we could bottle that sound up! 

3. What toy or section of the store do kids automatically make a beeline for? Why do you think that is? 

We don’t really have a section that kids run straight to as our selection is so vastly different that what you find in big box stores. Most will walk around many times looking at everything we have to offer. 

4. You have “interactive” play areas in the store. Why do you think it’s important to allow that interaction with the toys in the store? (Please note: Interactive demo areas are currently “on hold” due to COVID.) 

We believe a toy store should be fun and not just about selling toys. It’s also important to try toys out before you buy them to make sure the kiddos will enjoy them for a long time! 

5. What is your favorite memory/experience since opening Santa’s TOYS? 

Our grand opening in 2018. We opened in 2016 but never had a chance to do a grand opening. We had just completed a total remodel and people came from all over. The level of support was astonishing and the reactions really warmed our hearts. 

Want to Visit? 

Santa’s TOYS is currently open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm CT and Sunday, 12:00 – 4:00 pm CT. Private shopping is offered by appointment, and curbside pickup and shipping are also available. 

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