Santa Claus Postmark is a Special Tradition

Santa Claus Postmark Stamp

The Santa Claus, Indiana, Post Office has selected the 2018 special picture postmark for this upcoming holiday season! On December 1, 2018, the post office will begin offering the Santa Claus postmark to cancel the postage stamps on holiday mail again this year.

Each year, the holiday postmark is designed by a local high school art student as part of an annual contest. This year’s artist is Savannah McCutchan of Lincoln City, Indiana.

In 1989, Kim Brown was the winner of the postmark contest. Kim is now the art teacher at Heritage Hills High School who oversees this project. We had the privilege of asking her a few questions.  2018 Santa Claus Postmark

How special is this tradition that has been carried out since 1983 to you?

Mrs. Brown tells us, “Very special! I encourage my senior class to submit one picture, and Marian is the postmaster who chooses one to represent each stamp. The kids work hard and their art will go all around the world.”  She goes on to say, “A friend has a copy of the Louisville Herald from 1989 with the postmark I created in it.” She also received something all the way from Tokyo!

What stands out to you about Savannah’s postmark this year?

“The fact she used a very joyful looking Santa and takes up most of the stamp. Savannah used the space wisely which really helps.”

Santa Claus Christmas Celebration

Find more information about the 2018 postmark and guidelines regarding how to hand cancel your holiday mail with this special holiday postmark here.

Here at the Visitors Bureau, we are so excited about this tradition and the many more that are part of the Santa Claus Christmas Celebration. The three-weekend celebration takes over the town of Santa Claus during the first three weekends of December. For information on holiday packages, visit

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