Santa Reviews the Good List

Hundreds of children have traveled from all over to share their holiday wishes with Santa so far this year.  After meeting and greeting all of the wonderful kids who stop by the Santa Claus Christmas Store, Santa asks them to add their name to his “Good List.”

I frequent the Santa Claus Christmas Store a lot. It’s located next door to the Visitors Bureau, so trips for my not-so-guilty pleasures, like hot chocolate and giant cookies, are routine. Plus, with Christmas only two weeks away, I need to ensure that I am still on Santa’s “Good List”…he promises that I am.

During a recent chat with Santa, he revealed an astounding stat about his golden “Good List.”

He said that it spans over 500 feet long!

Santa wasn’t joking…see for yourself in this video:

That’s a lot of good boys and girls! The list continues to grow thanks to all of the families visiting during the Santa Claus Christmas Celebration. (P.S. – There are a ton of fun, get-you-in-the-holiday-mood activities happening during the next two weekends; take a look at the events here. Be there!)

Don’t forget, if you need to redeem yourself from the naughty list (you know who you are) or want to ask Santa for an extra special gift this year, you have until December 24 to do so. Check out Santa’s schedule here and make time to add your name to his “Good List.”

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