Step Back In Time

Ever wonder what it would be like to step back in time to Abe Lincoln’s days? Executive Director Charlie Finecy gives us a glimpse into the early upbringing of Abe and how your family can experience all of the fun during a trip to Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum in Rockport, Indiana.

What do the 14 cabins at Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum cabins represent?

The 14 cabins are replicas of cabins that were in Spencer County when Lincoln grew up here, which played a role in his life.

How are the cabins historically accurate?

Research was done before the village was built on where these cabins were located and about how large they were.

LPV-_cabin._houses.JPG Lincoln Pioneer Village

How long does it take to build a cabin?

It would depend on the size and construction of the cabin. A hewed long cabin would take longer just to square or hew the logs. But the raising of the cabin could be done in a day or two with the help of a lot of neighbors and was very common.

What can visitors expect during their visit at Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum?

Visitors can get a very good idea of what life was like for Lincoln and his neighbors in Spencer County in these small, humble homes.

What is the one thing visitors are most surprised to learn while visiting? The thing that surprises visitors the most would probably be just how small the homes were in the 1800s.

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