The Sounds of the Season

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It may be early, but the sounds of summer have begun.

The Visitors Bureau is located in the Kringle Place Shopping Center, and there are several great benefits we have to this location, one of them being what we get to hear.

One of our favorites is listening to the screams of visitors riding the Raven at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. The sound carries through the air and makes us smile every time.

We also have the unique opportunity to listen as small children see Santa walking around the shopping center. The sheer delight in their voices as they yell to their parents, “There he is, it’s Santa!” makes us wish we were kids again.

Then there’s the special conversations between grandparents and their grandchildren, as they describe what things were like in Santa Claus, Indiana, when they visited as a child. There have been many changes since the 1940’s-50’s. But, the focus remains offering families the opportunity to make life-long memories, without breaking the bank.

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