Work Like A Dog Day

Santa and Abe hard at work

Today is a day to tout examples of inner grit and determination, celebrate those who have made contributions to society, and to simply appreciate hard workers. If anyone deserves recognition on Work Like a Dog Day, it’s our two favorite guys, Santa and Abe: the magic and the man who make this area so special.

Here’s why these two take the cake on National Work Like a Dog Day:

Santa Claus visits with children here nearly every day in the summer, continues visits throughout the holidays, makes appearances at local sites and attractions, keeps track of his naughty and nice list (which can’t be easy!), and still manages to deliver all the gifts worldwide on Christmas Eve. Thanks to his unwavering work ethic, the help of his trusty elves, and his reindeer sidekicks, he pulls it off year after year.

Likewise, Abraham Lincoln spent one-quarter of his life right here in southern Indiana. This area is where he spent some of the most difficult years of his young life and where he overcame economic and educational challenges. This is where he mastered physical labor, learning to skillfully swing an ax (sharpened, of course), and helped his pioneer family cut their way through the wilderness to build their one-room cabin. These were the years that shaped young Abe into the man he became, where he went on to preserve the union and abolish slavery. Abe practiced what he preached as he said, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Santa and Abe are both the epitome of hard workers. We’re honored to be able to celebrate their legacies here in our corner of the world. The town of Santa Claus is only five miles down the road from sites throughout Lincoln’s Indiana Boyhood Home, so you can enjoy the best of both their worlds. Check out things to do in the area, places to stay, and start planning your trip.

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