Young Abe Lincoln: An Encore Presentation – What You Need to Know

Lincoln Amphitheatre

We often celebrate the life and times of Abe Lincoln. One of the biggest celebrations happens at Lincoln Amphitheatre. Each year, thousands watch as the story of his Indiana life unfolds on stage.

Young Abe Lincoln is both educational and entertaining. His life was happy, sad, joyful, and even devastating at times. And, the audience will find themselves experiencing all of those emotions throughout the show.

Here’s what you need to know about Young Abe Lincoln: An Encore Presentation:

What is it about? 

Young Abe Lincoln tells the story of Abe’s time in Indiana. Abe lived, loved, and suffered heartbreaking losses while living in Indiana from the time he was 7 years old up until he was 21. Those experiences shaped Lincoln to be the honest, determined, and dedicated president we love and honor today.

Is this the same play as last year?  

Yes, Young Abe Lincoln returned to Lincoln Amphitheatre for an encore this year. While the play is the same, there are some variations in the cast. It’s not likely to return for a while, so we recommend seeing it this year!

Where is the performance? 

See Young Abe Lincoln: An Encore Presentation at Lincoln Amphitheatre inside Lincoln State Park. The amphitheatre is nestled among the same woods where Abe and his family lived from 1816 – 1830.Lincoln Amphitheatre


Is Young Abe Lincoln family-friendly? 

The play is appropriate for audiences of all ages. In fact, children are encouraged to attend! Children 12 and under get in free.

How long will the show run? 

You can see Young Abe Lincoln: An Encore Presentation for a limited time only. Performances are at 7:00 pm CT on July 5, 6, and 7, and July 12, 13, and 14.

For even more event details and tickets, check Lincoln Amphitheatre’s website.

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