Your Christmas Visit Packing List

Teen girl, young girl, and woman are dressed in winter gear including hats and pose for a selfie during the Santa Claus Christmas parade

Christmas celebrations in Santa Claus, Indiana, and throughout the area bring in visitors from all over. If you’re planning to be one of those visitors this year, we want you to be prepared. And that starts with a Christmas visit packing list that includes a few items you won’t want to forget! 

A phone or camera is a must for capturing all the memories you’ll make. And be sure to pack a heavy coat… and maybe a light jacket, too, for the unpredictable southern Indiana weather! 

Beyond the usual, there are also a few other things you should put on your packing list. 

5 Things to Pack for Your Christmas Visit 

  1. Your Christmas Spirit – You can’t come to a town called Santa Claus without it! So, leave the Grinchiness at home and pack your flair for the festive. (Packing an “ugly” Christmas sweater or two will certainly help!) 
  2. Your Appetite – The best part of the holidays is (over)indulging in all your favorite eats. From comfort food classics to sweet treats to food truck favorites, you’ll find deliciousness around every corner during your visit. 
  3. Your Holiday Wishes – You’ll be able to visit with Santa at the Santa Claus Christmas Store and the Santa Claus Haus, so come prepared with your wish list for the season. (Hopefully, you’re on the nice list!) 
  4. Your Shopping List – There’s not a better place than America’s Christmas Hometown to finish your holiday shopping. So don’t forget to pack your shopping list… and maybe throw in an extra, empty bag, too, for hauling home your loot! 
  5. Your Child-Like Sense of Wonder – With fireworks, parades, light shows, visits with Santa, and real, live reindeer meet-and-greets on the events calendar, this is your chance to experience Christmas like a kid again!  

Pack in the Memories 

Before you pack your bags, reserve a lodging package to make your stay especially memorable. You’ll get not only a great place to stay, but also admission to the Santa Claus Land of Lights and other fun extras.  

Because in the end, it’s not really about what you need to bring for your Christmas visit. It’s about what you’ll take home: special family memories that will last a lifetime! 

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