Behind the Scenes of our Fall Photo Shoot & Sneak Peaks

Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

It’s such a breath of fresh air when we get to get out of the office for a while, especially when it involves sweater weather and the crisp fall air.

This past Saturday, we headed out into Spencer County with eight different local sites and attractions on our itinerary. We wanted some fresh fall footage of the area, and boy did we get some! It couldn’t have been a more beautiful, autumn day.

For us, this adventure entailed a little wine tasting, some exploring, lots of fun, and tons of amazing shots.

Here’s what it’s like behind the scenes with the Visitors Bureau, and just for you, we’ll even throw in a few sneak peaks of the many great photos we captured on Saturday:

Stop #1: Santa’s TOYS, the area’s newest shop. And this little guy couldn’t have been a cuter model.

Santa's Toys


Here’s one of the professional shots from Saturday. Life’s tough when your biggest decision is what toy to get, huh?



Stop #2: Santa’s Candy Castle. This kid was rocking his police officer costume and we all enjoyed Hot Chocolate drinks. What was the hardest part of our day, you ask? Choosing a Hot Chocolate flavor! It’s all fun and games until you have 33 different flavors to pick from…

santas-candy-castle-bts_oct2016-1  img_6175


Stop #3: Pumpkins and More Farm Market. We got up close and personal with this little Picasso.



The boys were having a blast enjoying all the fun, pumpkin-themed activities.



Stop #4: Monkey Hollow Winery. Getting the perfect shot of a bottle of wine is harder than you’d think! This shot consisted of, “Okay, turn the bottle this way…move the right glass over this far…adjust the cheese a bit…now step out of the picture (totally guilty of awkwardly standing in the background during most of this shoot)…perfect!”



And when you’re out and about doing a photo shoot, you never know what’s going to happen. You just have to roll with the punches, especially if you’re out and about while someone else is doing a photo shoot, because you just might get spontaneously recruited as models.

These girls did a fantastic job impromptu modeling on their day out!



This couple at Monkey Hollow was celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They were too cute not to photograph. And what naturals they were!



Stop #5: Pepper’s Ridge Winery. Occasionally, the Visitors Bureau staff has to jump in and impromptu model, too. We held this “cheers” for a while before we got to enjoy a sip!



Stop #6: Corner House Bed & Breakfast. Here’s another professional shot, and let’s be honest…this property begs to be photographed. From the picturesque farmhouse to landscaping that would make even the finest horticulturist jealous, it’s perfect!



Stop #7: Lincoln Pioneer Village. Here, we had the company of a delightful family of four and an elderly couple that, as the internet world would say, are the epitome of #RelationshipGoals.



I distinctly recall the husband saying to his wife, “Which cabin do you want to visit first, babe?” and then they walked off into the distance hand in hand (seriously, we didn’t even ask them to do that). My heart melted right then and there. Again… #RelationshipGoals.



Our final stop concluded our photoshoot at the scenic Ohio River Bluff in Rockport. Knowing that our shoot helped create this precious moment between father and son is what makes it all worth it. Hopefully, you’ll experience the same types of unforgettable moments while you’re here visiting with your family.


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