Experience History by Candlelight

What was it like to live as Abraham Lincoln and his family did 200 years ago? 

Today, we can count on electricity and other conveniences to get us through the cold, dark hours that winter brings. But in pioneer times, such luxuries were still locked in the imaginations of their inventors. It begs the question: How would you have handled living back then? 

The Candlelight Evening program at the Living Historical Farm, located inside Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, offers park visitors a glimpse of what it was like to live as Lincoln did. Guests are invited to experience the peaceful, evening atmosphere of an 1820-era cabin, illuminated only by candlelight, lamps, and the glow from the fireplace. 

The path to the cabin is lit with candle lanterns, preparing guests for the limited light they’ll experience once inside. And though there is a fire lit in the cabin’s fireplace, guests are urged to dress for the outside weather. 

During the program, visitors can explore the farm, ask questions of the park rangers and volunteers, and watch demonstrations of activities like cooking, spinning, sewing, and storytelling. 

Those who’ve attended the Candlelight Evening programs rave about the experience and learning opportunity. Here are just a few comments received via social media: 

“This is a wonderful program. Everyone should experience it!” 

“Loved the lit path leading us through the darkness to the dimly lit cabin. Delicious smells of food prepared on the open hearth greeted us when we walked in the door.” 

“Great way to show my kids pioneer life! My kids could have stayed all night.” 

Interested in attending an upcoming Candlelight Walk? Find dates, time, and more details here.

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