Love at First Ride

Horses at Santa's Stables

Did you know the average horse’s heart weighs 9-10 pounds? With such big hearts, no wonder they’re so lovable! In fact, I spent the morning horsing around at Santa’s Stables and I fell in love with all fourteen of them, each with their own unique personality.

Situated off a backroad between rolling pastures and thriving forests, horseback riding at Santa’s Stables is a relaxing, family-friendly experience that you don’t want to miss when you’re in the area. Here are seven fun facts about some of the horses you can hang out with at the stables:

  • You can ride a horse named Donut. And yes, he really does love to snack on donuts! If you bring one out to feed to him, it’s a guarantee that he’llSS-Donut
    lick you to death and you’ll be his new favorite person. Donut is a popular guy at the stables and people come back year after year requesting to ride him again.
  • Black as night, Dancer the Wonder Horse is famous for his role in the local headless horseman act every year at the “All Hollow’s Eve” event at the Santa Claus Museum & Village.
  • At a whopping 1,900 pounds and about seventeen hands tall, Goliath is the largest horse at the stables. He’s also the youngest!
  • At a wise age of nineteen-years-old, Eagle is the oldest of the bunch. His smooth, effortless gait makes him great with children, his typical riders.
  • Exceptionally gentle and always cautious, Bobby is wonderful for arthritic riders. No matter whether he is crossing over logs or other natural obstacles, his ride is as smooth as silk.
  • The kiddos’ favorite, Foxy the Pony, is only thirteen hands tall. She’s the star behind the stable’s pony rides. If you’re not up for a twenty-minute or a forty-five-minute trail ride, this a fun, quick option for the little ones and it’s only $5 per ride. Foxy enjoys pretending she’s a unicorn, too! 

The horses and staff can’t wait to meet you! And feel free to bring snacks for the horses—they love goodies such as sugar cubes, apples, carrots, and, of course, donuts for Donut!

Although reservations aren’t required, they’re recommended. For more information or to reserve your ride, click here.

This blog post has been updated from July 2016.

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