VIDEO: Shop the Santa Claus Christmas Store

Exterior of Santa Claus Christmas Store with a mom, dad, and children walking up to the entrance

Santa Claus, Indiana, is a merry and magical place. And one of the most festive spots in town is the Santa Claus Christmas Store. 

Packed with tens of thousands of unique items, the Santa Claus Christmas Store is a holiday lovers dream!  

Visiting the Santa Claus Christmas Store 

There are a lot of good reasons to visit! 

Maybe you’re looking for a personalized ornament to commemorate your visit. Or perhaps you’re a collector hunting for the perfect piece to complete your Christmas village.  

Or just maybe the aroma of fresh-baked cookies and the promise of fudge and chocolate treats lured you in! 

Whatever your reasons, you’ll be immersed in the spirit of Christmas from the moment you enter. And you’ll definitely want to stay awhile. 

Don’t believe us? Just watch! 

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