Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

santas candy castle

Try one of Santa’s favorite treats to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Santa’s favorite treats

couldn’t fit in just one store.

Check out the Santa Claus Christmas Store

and Santa’s Candy Castle for even more!

The Santa Claus Christmas Store has special treats

that make his eyes sparkle bright.

He even shares a few pieces with his reindeer

to get through Christmas Eve night.

Eggnog Fudge, Gumdrop Fudge,

what else can there be?

Top it off with a cookie

and “Ho, Ho, Ho” with glee!

Santa’s Candy Castle

never misses the mark,

with Peanut Brittle, Carmel Corn

and delicious Peppermint Bark!

From piping hot chocolate to frozen hot chocolate

there are choices and choices galore.

Pick up a treat (or two) at Santa’s Candy Castle

or the Santa Claus Christmas Store.

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