Spencer County Unicorns: Behind the Horn

Around this area of Indiana, there are two famous faces that never fail to make residents and visitors smile: Santa Claus and Abraham Lincoln. But now, there are some new faces bringing cheer to the area and they have horns! 

Providing Cheer in Difficult Times 

The current health crisis has many confined to their homes. Some are continuing to work their jobs remotely, while others are picking up new hobbies to banish their boredom. Students are still learning — but from their living rooms instead of their classrooms. 

It’s an adjustment that hasn’t always been easy. Social distancing efforts mean that children are unable to meet up for playdates. Assisted living residences and other care facilities are closed to visitors. And events like graduation parties and family reunions are on hold. 

There’s a need for cheer, for smiles, for laughter. That’s where the Spencer County Unicorns come in. These colorful, magical creatures have been popping up at locations throughout the area to share a little happiness during these uncertain times. 

Maybe you’ve seen one of them running down a rural road, waving at passers-by. Or perhaps you’ve seen a pair of them dancing around Rockport or Santa Claus and delighting all who have the good fortune to catch a glimpse. 

Regardless of where and when you see them, the result is the same: You can’t help but smile! 

Meet the Unicorns 

To maintain their magic, the identities of the Spencer County Unicorns are a closely held secret. But one of the people “behind the horn” graciously agreed to answer a few questions!   

What inspired you to start the Spencer County Unicorns? 

I didn’t have any plans for this to become a trend or anything near what it has become. It started with a run down a road where I knew friends and families had children at home. Social distancing measures had just started, schools had been closed, and I knew some of the families could use a good laugh. 

The video (of the unicorn) turned into something that was shared on social media so many times, it was unbelievable! With all the comments about it making people smile, laugh, happy, I decided that it need to be shared around our county. 

The news is gloomy and depressing since everything is related to COVID-19. So, I thought it would be fun to brighten days with the silly dancing unicorn!

Why unicorns? Do they have a special meaning to you? 

Why unicorns? Well, they are just cute! There isn’t anything about a unicorn that doesn’t make people smile. 

What has been your favorite response or reaction to the unicorns? 

My favorite response to the unicorns is the fact that it’s bringing so much happiness to everyone. It’s making people smile. And if it makes them forget about their worries for even just a few minutes, it’s worth every second of being out there. There are so many uncertainties in the world right now, so we need to smile and laugh. 

The unicorn has made some appearances at (senior care facilities) Miller’s Merry Manor and Oakwood Health Campus, and those stops are extra special. I can only imagine how the residents feel to have to stay in their rooms all day, to not have interaction with others, and to not be able to see their families. It’s devastating and heartbreaking.  

We’ve been told that it has made the residents very happy to see the unicorn dancing outside their windows! 

Will the Spencer County Unicorns herd continue to grow? 

This started with just the one unicorn, then its twin was added. Most recently, a pretty pink friend has joined, too. As of now, though, there aren’t plans for any more unicorns to join the herd! 

Making Magic 

At a time when so many are worried, scared, and unable to be close to those we care about, the Spencer County Unicorns are bringing us together by spreading magic wherever they turn up. And that’s something to celebrate! 

Want to follow the fun? Find and like the Spencer County Unicorns on Facebook! 

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